Learning Programming--Multiplayer

We launched our beta in October 2013, got into Y Combinator on stage the next day, had millions of players since then, open sourced everything in January, became the fastest-growing open source project over the next few months, and have been running multiplayer programming tournaments. The latest tournament was Ace of Coders. Most recently, we launched our classroom version to provide a full-year's computer science curriculum to schools without requiring a trained computer science teacher.

If you want to learn to program, you don't need lessons. You need to write a lot of code and have a great time doing it. That's what programming is about. Not fun like yay a badge but fun like NO MOM I HAVE TO FINISH THE LEVEL!

That's why CodeCombat is a multiplayer game, not a gamified lesson course. We won't stop until you can't stop--but this time, that's a good thing. If you're going to get addicted to some game, get addicted to this one and become one of the wizards of the tech age.

Or, if you're a developer, we've got head-to-head multiplayer challenges for you!

Try out CodeCombat, eh?

Or watch my live development statistics.