The Telepath Project

This experiment is on hold.

Since we're not actively working on it, we don't need data collection right now, so ignore those parts. You can still run it privately for your own self-tracking purposes as described here, though, and it will be very safe--the app doesn't do any networking and puts all its logs in ~/Library/Application Support/Telepath.

2013-07-28: I just open-sourced the keylogger part

Now you don't have to email me to get the code--go check it out on GitHub, and adapt it as you see fit!

Teaching your computer to understand your emotions.

Your computer should be able to watch out for you when you're tired and cheer you up when you're sad. It should tell you when you're on fire and when you should take a break. And it should help you with your experiments to improve your emotional balance or your cognitive performance.

With the Telepath project, we're trying to solve a tremendous machine learning problem: understanding how you're feeling just from your keystrokes, mouse movements, application usage, webcam stream, accelerometry, light levels, music, and other passive measurements. If we can pull it off, we'll have a totally automatic self-tracking tool that will learn about you until it understands how you're feeling as well as you do (and sometimes better).

But it won't work unless we have enough data on which to train our algorithms. We need volunteers to collect this passive data alongside small, actively tracked samples of cognitive performance emotional state.

We need your help!

Do you:

  • Use Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8;
  • Want to install our keyboard, mouse activity tracking app;
  • Want to, for 2-4 minutes every 2-4 hours that you're on your computer:
    • Record your happiness 1-7 and energy 1-7, and
    • Take a choice reaction time test, a self-paced one-back test, and a finger tapping speed test;
  • Want to help us create the future of passive self-racking;
  • Want send us your log files when you've collected enough data;
  • And want to trust us with your data--
    • (your keystrokes are not encrypted yet, so you have to trust Yoni and I not to look at them)

Download the Prototype

(Or just get the latest code on GitHub)

Unzip it, drag to your Applications folder, then start it and set it to auto-start on startup. It will begin to remind you every 2-4 hours that you're at your computer to do the Telepath battery on Quantified Mind. To join that experiment, sign up for free on Quantified Mind and enter participant code: Telepath

If you have questions or want to help participate, please email me:

We have plans for Windows tracking, real-time feedback and historical graphing of the models' predictions, data encryption, webcam and microphone capture, interfacing to wearable sensors, a website, and a deathly clever machine learning model to tie it all together. Once Telepath can understand you, we can build a ton of features on top of this--so many that we hardly know which ones. If you're interested in something that would use this, we'd like to hear.

Shouldn't a personal computer be personable (it can relate to you), not just personalizable (you can change the wallpaper)?