October 12, 2014: Me Day - Age 29

Year Three of the personal inventory tradition. I had to push it back a week because I was at a wedding on the normal day. I had a hard time reflecting deeply this year; it was hard to shake the intense focus on the present.

Wake up and watch the sun rise.

7:33. Catching sunrise over ballpark. Watching the birds and ships and sun and cranes and airplanes.

Create a piece of art.

I felt no desire to do this this year, so I didn't. Maybe I'll do it again next year.

Measure physical stats and take fitness pictures.

0.2 lbs heavier than this time last year, within 0.1% bodyfat. I wasn't focusing on weight or fitness for most of the year, so safe to say that this is an equilibrium point for me.

136.0 lbs
+0.2 lbs
Body fat:
Right arm:
Left arm:
Right leg:
Left leg:
Resting HR:
68 bpm

Measure my max push-ups and pull-ups.

31 push-ups, -10: fast, strict, chin touching the ground.
17 pull-ups, -2: fast, no kipping, chin above bar.

Take a long walk.

I moseyed up near the Metreon, returned a drill, and caught some Skritter and sun on the way back in Yerba Buena, then back to South Park for a reprisal of last year. Instead of a Chinese family, I shared my table with a ladybug.

Read from a favorite book.

Couldn't help but pick Snow Crash from the favorite book list this year. I promptly devoured half of it. It boggles me when people don't like this book. C'mon, it has swords and skateboards in it, plus the ultimate badass!

Get blood tests.

I ordered the same blood tests from last year from DirectLabs. Because I was doing a post-test from the MealSquares beta, I did it on 2014-08-25, but the stats should correspond well to today's inventory.

Results: I have them, but I hate interpreting them, so these are just going to sit here until I find someone who likes researching this stuff.

Count my possessions and get back down to 99.

Far less churn since last year as my possession stabilize. I have to think about them less and less.

  1. MacBook Pro 17" -> Retina MacBook Pro 15"
  2. iPhone 4S -> iPhone 5S
  3. iPad 2 -> iPad Air
  4. Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II speakers -> AudioEngine A2+ speakers
  5. DisplayPort cable -> Another DisplayPort cable
  1. Dell U3014 30" monitor
  2. Boosted board
  3. Boosted board charger
  4. Triple Eight Gotham skate helmet
  5. Tessel JetPack backpack
  6. Bobblehead Chloe
  7. Sitting/standing motorized desk
  8. Black leather lounge couch
  9. DisplayPort cable
  10. Monitor power cable
  11. Bundle of backup socks
  12. Hiking shoes
  13. YC hoodie
  1. Cosmonaut stylus
  2. Tiny red notebook
  3. Small green notebook
  4. Money plant
  5. iPhone power cable
  6. Darn Tough wool socks
  7. Running shoes
  8. Barefoot shoes
  9. Khaki pants
  10. Black polo shirt
  11. Brown merino wool sweater
  12. SeV jacket
  13. Blue suit jacket

Take stock of finances.

I finally increased spending to the point where I'm trading money for time at a reasonable rate. A lot of that is just living in San Francisco and now moving to a sweet apartment / CodeCombat command center.

(If you're me, you get to see finance stats here. Since you're not me, you see nothing.)

Do Quantified Mind testing.

I have two years' worth of monthly aging batteries now, and apart from the hint of a possibility of decline in finger tapping speed with age, there are no significant signs of mental aging yet. Good.

Call my family.

I just talked to everyone, especially at Heidi's wedding, so I didn't redo it on this day. From surveying people around me, it seems that I talk to family on the phone significantly less than average and see them in person slightly less than average. (Also of note, the girls talk to and visit their family much more often than the guys.)

Have a spectacular dinner with Chloe.

Chloe took me out to Skool, a fish-focused hip restaurant with a splendid outdoor patio. It was delicious, and I ate her dinner, too. Seemed like all the people around us were talking about startups or applying to YC, and there were dogs everywhere. Very San Franciscan.

Reflect on the past year

I sat down with my journal and evaluated three areas: what went well, what didn't go well, and how my relationships are now.

What went well? This past year, I:

What didn't go well?

How are my relationships?

Pretty much the same as last year, except I have more acquaintances in the city and I saw more of my family.

Organize my files and computer desktop.

My files are still basically all organized from last year. Amazing!

Add at least one tradition.

This year I played some NetHack and thoroughly enjoyed it; I think adding a play-an-old-favorite-game tradition is a good one to have.

Destroy at least one habit.

I've been reviewing my Stoic notes and doing a weekly checklist since 2013-02-24, but it's been pretty rote recently: yes, I used Stoicism to endure discomfort; no, I didn't intentionally deprive myself; no, I didn't think about anything other than the present; and no, I didn't really appreciate what I have besides Chloe. Plus, it's getting hard to use negative visualization, since I've run through so many examples now. So I think I'll just stop doing it in favor of my new focus on freeing up attention by reducing recurring tasks.