99 Things

This is the original list from 2012-03-25. Up-to-date list is here.

* Everything Macbook Pro 17" (2010) 30" Dell 3008WFP monitor iPhone 4S iPad 2 Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II speakers Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones USB drive SD card to USB adaptor Lifepouch Orange glasses Wallet Water bottle Backpack Folder with Chloe's letters Checkbook Passport Razor Toothbrush Bundle of Kids Sparkle Fun toothpastes Bundle of pens Bag of earplugs Arduino kit Box of checks Deposit by mail envelopes Letter-writing book Tiny notebook Backup tiny notebook pack College diploma Laser Box of business cards Book on learning Shanghainese Smaller book on learning Shanghainese Small bag of DVDs of short films Wacom tablet External DVD drive Zeo Sun alarm Eye mask Travel humidifier Deodorant Towel Travel towel Pillow Pillow I/O Bio merino wool boxer briefs I/O Bio merino wool boxer briefs I/O Bio merino wool boxer briefs Ibex merino wool boxer briefs Cargo shorts Convertible pants Khaki pants Jeans Scott-E-Vest Sweater Speedo T-shirt T-shirt T-shirt T-shirt T-shirt Polo shirt Toe socks Toe socks Business socks Business shoes Barefoot shoes Vibram Five-Fingers 1MX Modern Fit shirt 1MX Modern Fit shirt White Chinese shirt Gold Chinese shirt Tie Suit White business shirt Garment bag Seki Edge nail clippers Fitbit Fitbit base station Comforter Fancy bedsheets (shared with Chloe) Body-fat calipers Spork Mini first aid kit 2" sphere rare earth magnet 1" sphere rare earth magnet Display port to mini display port cable HDMI cable with mini display port adaptor DVI cable with mini display port adaptor Display port cable Monitor power cable 1/8" audio splitter 1/8" audio cable iPhone power cable and adaptor iPhone power cable iPad power cable and adaptor Macbook power cable Razor power cable USB extender cable Herman Miller Embody chair
    Consumable things don't count. Food, toilet paper, candles, etc. Things that are always physically connected count as one thing. A bundle of backup pens is one thing; a mini travel first aid kit is one thing. (The loose pens that are on my desk each count as another thing.) Stuff Chloe owns doesn't count, even if I use it. Stuff Chloe and I co-own only counts if it's really my thing (I would keep it if we had to divvy up possessions).