Chloe & Nick met six years ago, at a summer research program in Human-Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech. She was 19; he was 21. It was just two weeks before they were staying up all night gazing into each other's eyes. (Chloe has pretty eyes.)

Three years and nine months of long-distance dating later, Chloe and Nick converged in Pittsburgh, from there moving together to help start the Human Hacker House in Silicon Valley. Nick deployed the surprise romantic proposal which he'd been preparing for five years (sometimes you know), Chloe swooned her acceptance, and here we are. Time for a wedding!

Nick was born in Minnesota, has most of his family in Montana, went to school and co-founded a startup in Ohio, and lived in Costa Rica on his way to join Chloe in Pennsylvania and then California. He hopes China is next on this list.

He writes code, a book, Chinese characters, and love letters to his girlfriend. Err, fiancée!

He owns only 99 things, since having too many possessions stresses him out. When he gets married, he'll have to get rid of one more to make room for the wedding ring. One less pair of underwear, he supposes.

His site is at

Chloe lived in China, England, and Mauritius before settling down in Massachusetts when she was 11. She moved to Pittsburgh to pursue a PhD, thought better of it, and joined an awesome startup in California instead.

She loves designing, coding, nerding out with photography, and playing piano, guitar, and ukulele.

Chloe left this section too short, so Nick will jump in here and point out that Chloe is a gorgeous babe with a great smile, a gigantic brain, and excellent birthing functionality for when they produce offspring later.

Her site is at