Meet Ruby

Max, Clark, and Ruby at one week old

First there was Max. Then, Clark. Now, the final child: Ruby, born July 30, 4 years and 1 day after Clark. (Ruby was also named using my Bantling algorithmic baby naming website.) As you can see from the comparison one-week-old pictures, all three kids looked very similar at this age, especially Clark and Ruby. Ruby is even more chill than Clark so far: eats great, sleeps great, and rarely cries or fusses. She just hangs out being cute. This post is just for cute baby pictures, nothing more.

Surprised after her first bath
Happy in Chloe's arms
Not sure about this laying-on-legs position
This fluffy blanket is more like it
Max and Clark are fascinated by this new person
Max is unfailingly sweet to her and thinks she's so cute
Clark's attention span is much shorter and hasn't yet learned gentleness
Feeding a baby has never been so easy!
I love this stage where they just stay where you put them
This baby sleeps so reliably, it's like she's under some magic spell
Wonder if Chloe will keep her 100+ plant babies now that she has her third real baby
10-minute-old shot
Stretching with strawberries
Looking for food
Sass face
Was an expected surprise how light she is
I had forgotten how they sometimes randomly go cross-eyed and derp it up


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