Maniacs, Minimalists, and Mega-Hike


Inspired by my 120-Hour Workweek Epic Coding Time-lapse video, Bethany and Danny over at Beeminder have done their own maniac work time-lapse videos using Telepath.

Bethany maniac week:

Danny's maniac weekend:

Update 2014-07-07: Lawrence from the Beeminder Blog has done a weekend, too:

Update 2014-07-15: Another maniac weekend, this one from Malcolm Ocean:

Update 2014-08-12: Danny and Bethany with a couple's maniac workweek:

They've also started their own instructions for making them here.

Update 2014-10-06: Bethany is such a maniac!

Update 2014-10-14: Malcolm with another long weekend:


Liking my 99 thing list, other amigos have also started tracking their own 99 things lists.

Andy's 99 things seem to be 50% badass trekking / running gear, and he even has room for a bunch of books!

Sandy Maguire has been doing 99 things, too, but I don't have a link to his list.

Brayden McLean has done it, even with a photo:

Update 2014-07-07: Pablo Stafforini has done it, even counting individual credit cards!

And a few other friends are working towards 99 things or have fewer than 99 things and don't even need to count. Awesome.


I'm off from now until July 8 to go hike the Salkantay trail in Peru. Chloe and I are going to see if we can do it. This is the one that nearly killed Tynan and is supposed to be as literally breathtaking as it is figuratively, and even more intense.

I'll be totally disconnected–not bringing a single electronic device–so if you need to reach me, try to call Chloe, but even that probably won't work.


Hacking on CodeCombat, a multiplayer programming game for learning to code. Mastermind behind Skritter, the most powerful Chinese character learning app.

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